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  • Christian YouTube Channels You Should Subscribe to.
    In Faith
    The Christian YouTube channels that you should be subscribed to but probably aren’t. Finding great Christian content is a lot easier now than it has ever been. YouTube is one of the best places to find amazing content on faith. Especially during seasons in our lives where we are unable to gather together as believers. I’ve found that […]
  • Top 10 jobs for College students
    In College
    The top 10 jobs for college students to do. These jobs allow you to focus on your studies but still make some money on the side. I’m a student at The University of South Africa (UNISA) and I tutor as well. Most of the jobs listed below require very little skill and will take very little out of your time. If you’re struggling with […]
  • How to be a Christian in high school.
    In Faith
    A guide to being a Christian in High School. To be upfront and honest with you, it is not going to be easy. Kids in High School are often vein and faith is the last thing on their minds. I remember asking one of my family friends, who was 16 years old at the time, whether she was born again. Her response to my question left me flawed. […]
  • How to live on little money (in college.)
    In College
    This post will show you how to live on little money in college. Starting college is overwhelming. But when you start college with little to no money to spend on essentials, it’s even worse. I’ll take you through everything that I did when I was in college. This post focuses on money spent on essentials and basic monthly necessities. It […]
  • The Best Books for Children to Read.
    In Books
    All the best books your child will love reading. From fantasy books to great autobiographies, the fun rhymes of Dr. Seuss to the captivating writings of JRR Tolkien, these must-read books will have your child hooked. Truly the ultimate list of the best books for all children to read. There is a great mix of children’s books that will have […]
  • 8 simple steps to encourage your child to read (more).
    In Children's Education
    Getting your child to read more might seem impossible. With a world of distractions from video games to television discouraging them from reading. There are simple ways you can encourage your child to read more. These are all tried and tested steps that have shown positive results when I have personally implemented them with my learners. So if you […]


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